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Introducing Intelligent Automation for Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance!

Given the volume of transactions performed by banks, financial services institutions and insurance companies on a daily basis—and on a global scale—it’s no surprise that they were one of the first group of industries to adopt RPA, which has led to additional investments in related disciplines like cognitive capabilities, machine learning, and AI. BFSI companies seek to improve their handling of terabytes of data while minimizing inaccuracies and risk to stay compliant in an ever more complex regulatory environment.

While a focus for the last 10 years has been around streamlining business processes to increase efficiency and improve the bottom line, now those same processes are taking on advanced technology to move the cost savings needle even farther, but to also create better customer and employee experiences. Many companies are on the journey, but most have a ways to go.

This is where the Inaugural Intelligent Automation for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance comes in. Hot off of the heels of our phenomenal cross-industry Intelligent Automation series of events in July and December, this is what the BFSI industry has been asking for – a forum for them, created by their own executives.

You will walk away with insight into the most
pressing topics you are thinking about
right now including:

Interactive Sessions

From Zero to Robo – What You Need to Know to Be Operational in 6 Months or Less.

Real Situation Analysis

A Vision for the Future of the IA Regulatory Landscape.

ISO Technical Committee

Automation and a Customer Centric Model.

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Intelligent Automation for Fraud Protection.

Networking Opportunities

How to Develop an Agile Technology Roadmap.

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