Live Chat Software
January 28 - 30, 2019
New York

Thomas Taris

VP, Manufacturing & Automation
American Express

2:00 PM PANEL DISCUSSION: Keeping Up With Demand - AI & Machine Learning Chatbots to Enhance Customer Engagement & Delivery

With consumers adopting digital as their everyday communication channel, the BFSI community has been quick to be some of the early adopters of chatbots to enhance customer engagement and delivery so as to obtain a competitive edge – using them by way of chatbots via call centers, as website personal assistants, and via other channels.
As chatbots evolve utilizing AI and machine learning, more sophisticated uses of data through predictive analytics and the deployment of other capabilities such as biometrics and mobile data will be the next wave of the chatbot culture. 
Nevertheless, to stay competitive in the BFSI space, it’s essential to better understand the current uses of IA technologies with respect to chatbots and customer engagement and delivery so as to be relevant in today’s marketplace, as well as to ensure your customer service offerings grow alongside your customers’ evolving needs.
In this session, we will explore:
§  Chatbots as conversational consumer touchpoints
§  Lessons learned by early adopters of chatbots
§  How to incorporate chatbots into your BFSI’s overall short and long-term IA digital transformation strategy

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Thomas.

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