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Given the high-volume of transactions performed by banks, financial services institutions and insurance companies on a daily basis and on a global scale, the BFSI community is not only utilizing intelligent automation, they are one of the industry leaders when it comes to usage and variety of usage of said technologies.  Nevertheless, there are still many BFSI organizations that haven’t yet begun their IA journey, and/or are at very different stages than their industry peers.  That said, so to stay competitive in the BFSI space, it’s essential to better understand the current uses of IA, as well as the future of IA for BFSI.

By attending the Intelligent Automation for BFSI conference, you will obtain valuable information to bring back to your organization and help guide you and your team on the right IA path, no matter if your IA initiatives are at a planning & launching, evolving, or mature stage.

That said, the IA for BFSI conference has something for everyone!  

Sessions Teaser…


WORKSHOP: Understanding the IA Umbrella & Their Various Applications and Benefits


WORKSHOP: Ensuring Your IA Programs Are Compliant with the BFSI Regulatory Landscape


REALITY CHECK: Bots on a 24/7 Schedule? Is It Really Necessary or Even Feasible?


PANEL DISCUSSION: Benefits of Developing a Long-Term & 365 Degree IA Strategy


PANEL DISCUSSION: Developing Scalable & Program Success Repeatable IA Program/s


PANEL DISCUSSION: Keeping Up With Demand - AI & Machine Learning Chatbots to Enhance Customer Engagement & Delivery

Speakers From….

Royal Bank of Canada, American Express, Aetna, Capital One Zurich North America, Farmers Insurance, Fidelity Investments
Join us in New York City this coming January for yet another Intelligent Automation for BFSI conference you simply can’t afford to miss!

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Interactive Sessions

From Zero to Robo – What You Need to Know to Be Operational in 6 Months or Less.

Real Situation Analysis

A Vision for the Future of the IA Regulatory Landscape.

ISO Technical Committee

Automation and a Customer Centric Model.

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Intelligent Automation for Fraud Protection.

Networking Opportunities

How to Develop an Agile Technology Roadmap.

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